On The Beach

Still here in Chatelaillon which, by the way, is in a district of France called Charante Maritime which is south of Brittany and which gets as much sunshine as the Cote d’Azur. We just don’t have that beautiful blue water but, then again, we don’t have the crowds of people and things are more affordable. We now have everything unpacked and are still in the process of hanging pictures and putting in light fixtures-just taking our time. We’ve had a couple of days of pouring rain here and, even then, it was still wonderful to look out our big window at the beach. Kite surfers love big windy storms and they come to catch the wind and we love watching them. It turns out that our end of the beach is the only place they let them surf to protect swimmers on the other end. There is usually at least one guy on the packed sand with a sail and a type of skate board wizzing along and sometimes a little vehicle with three wheels and a sail. I’ve tried wind surfing before and never really mastered it so don’t think I will be trying anything I’ve seen, especially when I saw how long it takes to get those sails all folded away again at the end.

copy DSC01178
Here are two guys with the kite sails after being out on the water. They walk back to the car with the sails behind them and then fold them. I guess it’s easier that way. When the tide goes way out, there is a very long walk out to the water. Looks like a lot of work.

copy DSC01182
I like these little fences in the sand which I think are to keep the sand back during winds and storms.

copy 2 1184.
Shy little birds (killdeer?) that run behind waves as they retreat. I’d like to get closer for photos but they always fly away. They fly in interesting formations, all in a group, moving as one like a school of fish. If the sun is shining, their white bellies look like flashes of silver. I can’t manage to get that on camera either. I need my good camera which is back in Paris with a good lens instead of my little point and shoot.
I haven’t taken any photos of the interior of our place yet but plan to when it looks more settled. There are a few things I don’t like, such as the exterior color of our section of the apartment building. It’s a horrible mustard color that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the whole of our village. Hopefully, it will fade with time. I don’t like the room where the toilet is as they stuck it in with the washer and dryer and water heater. I guess we will have to add a door as it seems very strange. It was hard to pick that up when looking at a floor plan. It’s really hard to get the car out of the garage-we have already scraped a fender-and I think they will have to take down a wall or two at the exit. Other than that, I love our place. I think we will have many happy times here.

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