Through A Window

A few photos around Paris a few weeks ago taken through windows:

A pretty purse-I can’t remember the store name. Can you see the BB? It stands for Bridgit Bardot.

A chocolate filled Galette des Roi (King Cake) found throughout December and January in France. They usually have almond paste inside. I wish I had bought a piece now that I look at the photo.

I’ve seen this object before but it was used to shave cheese, not chocolate. I was told it was for adding to coffee or decorating cakes.

Not a window, but glass which, in this case, is on the top of the inverted pyramid at the Louvre. I liked the feet of the sea gulls up there. I guess they were warming their feet. It has gotten really cold in Paris with the highs being near or below freezing.
I am still at the beach so am posting a saved post from Paris. Comments still not working, not that I ever got many. I’m not Dooce.

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