Along The Water

Maurice and I went out running the other day on a beautiful morning in the direction of a little village called les Boucheleurs. It’s right on the water and a couple of years ago, during a huge storm, was flooded which destroyed some places, houses and businesses that processed oysters.

copy DSC01253
This house is open and you can see where the flood waters damaged everything.

copy DSC01260
A little further on was a little place set up to sell fresh oysters, shrimp and wine. This looks perfect for summer I think. I’m not a huge fan of oysters but eat them now and then. Living here in such a huge center for them, I guess I better develop the taste for them. I like mussels really well though and they are served everywhere around the area-with French fries.

copy DSC01261
They have these little concrete pools of sea water to keep the harvested oysters from the ocean, fresh.

copy DSC01262
A little further on we saw they wooden posts slowly falling apart. I think everything like this is made of cement now. These are much more picturesque.

copy DSC01250
And, of course, I have yet another photo of the sky from our balcony, this one at sunset. Can’t get enough of those.

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