The Village

Our village on the beach has lots of interesting buildings in a variety of styles. Very different from Paris.

copy DSC01201
Most of the houses of families have names and most are named for their children. This one, a sad one, says no name because either the child died before or after birth.

copy DSC01195
I like this one, especially this:

copy DSC01194
Maurice and I were looking at this and I was taking a photo when the owner of the house walked up and told us that the previous owner was not a musician, as I had thought, but each of these notes (do, re, mi) stood for one of his three daughters, their names starting with D, R and M. I thought both that this was interesting and, especially, that the owner happened to turn up just as we were standing there wondering about it.

copy 01199
I love this old photo showing that Chatelaillon once didn’t have a beach-it is man-made. So glad I don’t have to wear those long skirted dresses.

copy DSC01200
Here’s a poster of the various types of buildings around here. I still haven’t quite figured out all of the differences but I know a villa when I see it.

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