Wax and Wane, Ebb and Flow

Being here on the beach and seeing the tide go in and out, I had to relearn-if indeed, I ever knew it-what causes tides. I knew the moon was involved but it turns out the sun also has an influence (as does the rotation of the earth and if the moon is new or full) and, when they are directly inline with each other with the earth in between, there is a greater effect and it causes a very high tide, with corresponding very low tide. The highest and lowest are at Spring Equinox. Last year when we were here a man told us that at this time you can walk all the way to an island at the lowest tide which I would love to try sometime.

copy DSC01165
I saw this full moon through our window one morning when I got up early. I thought I had left on a light somewhere at first the moon was so bright.

copy DSC01270
The shadow of our apartment building on the sand. There is actually the beginning of the tide going out but it isn’t clear in this photo.

copy DSC01274
You can only see this cropping of rocks when the tide is out. Further south from us, trucks go out on it to collect bags of oysters.

copy DSC01273
The tide is very far out in this photo. I took it mainly because I liked the color of the sea and the sky. It’s very hard to see, but right beyond the white line are some ships. Various ones stop there waiting for permission to enter the harbor at La Rochelle to unload their cargo, oil and, maybe, fruit and vegetables from other lands. One of these days, I’d like to go to the harbor where this happens just to satisfy my curiosity.

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