Beach Days

We are still here at our beach place doing exciting things like putting in a shower door and hanging curtains. I get out just about every day and walk along the beach. I’m looking forward to summer when I won’t need a coat outside although it’s pretty mild here weather-wise due to the Gulf Stream.

copy DSC01299
I’m fascinated by these wooden poles in the water. I think they used to tie up oyster boats here. Now they use tractors to get out to the rocky areas where the oysters are harvested-if that’s the right word.

copy DSC01306
Two tractors on the way out to get those oysters. I saw a man pulling a long boat too which he put in the water.

copy DSC01310
I take photos all the time of the sand and sand fences. They just look so photogenic.

copy DSC01301
A little snack shop has these hanging in the window-so nautical. I’d love to put things like this around our place but, unfortunately, my furniture and decorations are either something to do with Provence or Texas-like, since some of my furniture came with me to France. Our place is more formal than I’d like, really, but that’s not the worst problem I could have.

copy DSC01276
On a sadder note, Elliot, my 15 year old cat, is starting to have health problems. When we got here he started being more needy than usual, meowed a whole lot and seemed really thirsty even going after what I was drinking, sticking his head in my glass. We took him to the vet and he has some sort of renal failure. I’m not sure if it’s reversible or not. I’m going to ask the vet when we go pick up some medicine for Elliot. She wants him to eat some new cat food too, something he normally doesn’t like. I tried an expensive cat food before and he didn’t eat it like he liked it and started looking low in energy and his coat wasn’t glossy. Back on Friskies, he perked up and looked better. To my surprise, he likes the new cat food. It’s soft and smelly so maybe, due to his age, his teeth weren’t the best. I’ve never gotten him to eat canned cat food before. Well, the circle of life. I wonder how long he has left. He came with me from Texas but will end his days here in France.

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