Maurice and I got out the other day with gorgeous weather-blue skies, no wind or clouds, just perfect. We went to Ile d’OLeron, the second largest island in France, Corsica being the largest. At night we can see the lights of this island across the water but it’s about an hour drive to get there from our apartment as you have to head south for a bit to get to the bridge that takes you to the southern part. I didn’t enjoy the island as much as I did Ile de Re to the north of us but it was still a great day.

We stopped at a small town, la Cotiniere, for lunch. It had a small harbor and there were fishermen mending their colorful nets.

We found a nice little restaurant, le Cateloupe, and had this punch maison which had fruit juice, pineau, cognac and grenadine. It arrived at our table looking so pretty and it was delicious too.

copy DSC01336
We had mussels and French fries and it was so good. The sun was pouring in the window and we even got hot.

copy DSC01343
There was a lighthouse of course, this one being black and white to distinguish it from a white one nearby.

copy DSC01352
The building out in the water is Fort Boyard. It was built to protect entrance into the Charente River, was once a prison and was abandoned until it was used for a wildly popular show called Fort Boyard where French celebrities are put into teams to do activities sort of like what you would see on Survivors. You can get a boat that will take you around the Fort but it isn’t open for visits although I was told that they are planning visits in the future.

copy DSC01356
You can see what a beautiful day we had from this shot of a beach.

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