I’m having a hard time coming up with titles of posts here at the beach. We spend about 90% of each week either walking on or along the beach or sitting in our place just looking at it. It’s like looking at a fire, mesmerizing with repeating patterns and also a great place to watch people. On the week-end they pour onto the beach and there are all sorts of activities going on.

I take photos of every sunrise and sunset. Of course, each day they are different, like snowflakes. This is a sunset, all pinks and blues. So far, there haven’t been any blazing red or orange sunsets like I saw in Arizona but I’ll have to wait until summer and see if this is the norm. There’s usually a bank of fog on the horizon which blocks the light of the setting sun right now. I liked the repeating patterns of the water, sort of like a bolt of cloth.

copy DSC01365 - Copy
Same sunset but with a person on the water. He’s doing something I’ve just started to see lately, a sort of surf board that you stand on and then row standing up. The water is usually pretty calm here so I think they do this quite a bit. It’s one of the few activities on the beach that I see, besides kite flying, that I might be able to do. I’m pretty sure kite boarding is not in my future.

copy DSC01362 - Copy
A bit more dynamic sunset. I’m not getting many photos of the sand these days as there hasn’t been any rain or wind to smooth out the sand so it’s covered with footprints.

copy DSC01353
Patterns on the water’s edge untouched by humans, fresh after every high tide.

Comments still not working. Elliot, my cat, seems to be doing well. He’s eating a lot more and still seems energetic and bright eyed to me. He may be sleeping more-hard to tell with a cat-but that may be due to his new medication for his kidneys. As someone said, with older animals, it’s maintenance, usually expensive. I’m just happy that he’s not suffering.

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