This and That On The Beach

As you might imagine, I have all sorts of photos from walks on the beach or just from our apartment window. I haven’t done anything that exciting as far as exploring, unless you count roaming the huge Carrefour grocery store near us. Anyway, a few photos for this Friday morning.

copy DSC01368
It’s sort of exciting to see horses on the beach and I bet it’s fun pounding down the beach on a horse. I was wondering, when I saw this group, where the stables were as I couldn’t remember ever seeing any but, on a walk this same day, I saw a huge horse trailer. They bring them in from somewhere.

copy DSC01382
I like this weather vane seen in town on a cute little cottage.

copy DSC01385
A sweet little sand castle.

copy DSC01386
With a cute turtle.

copy DSC01373
A more dramatic sunset with the clouds.

copy DSC01383
As you can see, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach starting June 1st. I love dogs and I love seeing them play on the beach running after sticks, chasing birds or, even, running into the water. They seem so happy to be there. I don’t enjoy having to look for dog poo as I walk. I’m betting that there will still be dogs on the beach come June, especially on early mornings.

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