A frigid Day

We had our first company and, wouldn’t you know it, a cold front arrived with him. It’s one of those cold fronts from Siberia and there is also wind so it is miserable out there. We had hoped that he would get to see kite surfers and other activity on the beach but all we have seen are some bundled up people walking their dogs. We did get out for a quick trip to the market and then went to a town called Fouras, a short way away, with a view of Ile de Aix and Fort Boyard and just about froze to death.

copy DSC01396
The first strawberries which look fabulous, don’t they? Maurice, as always, says they won’t have any taste being from green houses in Spain. We always wait for the French strawberries from the fields of France.

copy DSC01398
On the shore of Fouras were these little shacks for fishing with big nets. I’m looking forward to seeing them in action come summer. The doors to them are locked so I guess they are private.

copy DSC01408
Another little shack out in the water with either duck or geese flying by. I could only stand to be out there for a few minutes and then ran back to the shelter of our car.

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