Hmmm. This is a lot of work but I’ll slowly get it done. I was nominated by Audrey of the blog, The Girl Behind the Red Door. She’s an expat in Norway.

•Share 11 random facts about yourself
•Answer 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
(I’m not doing the rest. Don’t have the time or inclination.)

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I am a morning person, probably from those years of being at work by 6 AM when I worked in the operating room.

2. I was a nurse when I lived in the States. I worked in the operating room.

3. I hated being a nurse. It was very stressful. I loved English Literature and often thought I should have become of English Lit professor at the college level.

4. I have nine grandchildren! I know-I can’t believe it either.

5. My favorite season is summer. Winter just gets me down with those short days.

6. I love photography. It’s the only creative thing I do.

7. I met my French husband on a blind date in Austin, Texas. You can’t plan these things.

8. I came to France because I married a Frenchman, not because I was madly in love with France. In fact, I was thinking of living in Mexico when I met Maurice. I even thought about teaching English in Japan.

9. I love reading. My favorite books are mysteries, mostly English.

10. I make my bed every single day. I think I got this from my Mother, the world’s best housekeeper. She vacuums her kitchen floor every morning too. I don’t.

11. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea and now I do. I’m writing this while looking out my window at the ocean. Life is good.

Her 11 Questions for me:

1.Which country do you think has the most beautiful/interesting money?
It used to be Greece until so many European countries converted to the Euro. I’m rather fond of England’s currency. As I recall, Thailand had interesting currency too.

2.Is there something special you collect when you travel?
I usually buy a T-Shirt having something about the country on it. I use them to exercise in.

3.What do you do to pass time on planes, trains, or in automobiles?
Read, read, read. I’m always happy to have an excuse to do so.

4.If you could snap your fingers and be somewhere else right this moment, where would you be?
Vietnam or Cambodia. They are both on my list of places I want to visit.

5.Do you consider yourself a good traveller? How so?
I think a good traveler is someone who is adaptable and curious which pretty much describes me. I love going to new places and exploring.

6.Post your favorite travel photo.
Would you believe that I have a new computer in our new place and don’t have access to my old photos? I’ll have to do this when I am back in Paris next week.
copy DSC01412
Instead, here is my favorite photo from the beach yesterday.

7.Imagine someone is planning a vacation to the city you live in now. What advice would you give them?
Stay in the 6th arrondissement in the center of Paris, make your main meal lunch to save money, give yourself time to just wander around.

8.Beaches or mountains?

9.What’s the scariest/most challenging thing you’ve ever done while travelling?
Riding an elephant, scuba diving? I’m don’t do scary things.

10.One of my favorite essays in The Best American Travel Writing of 2012 is Thomas Swick’s My Days with the Anti-Mafia. How important do you feel it is to travel morally? That is to say, proactively selecting hotels, restaurants, and tours that are not supported by organized crime? Or steering clear of countries which consistently abuse the rights of their citizens, etc.?
I visited Russia before all of the changes, surely a country that treated their citizens horribly. I met so many charming people there who were happy to talk with Americans so, in that way, exposing myself to them and letting them talk to Americans, was a positive exchange. I wasn’t promoting communism by visiting Russia. As far as the mafia goes, I am totally ignorant. I
wouldn’t go to a restaurant or hotel if I knew it were owned/run by the mafia. I’ve been to Marseilles which is known for its mafia but didn’t know enough to know anything mafia-wise there.

11.And this one’s just for me… When it comes to the Hepburns… Katharine or Audrey?
Audrey, mainly because I just love looking at her. Those eyes….

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