Cour du Commerce Saint André

We leave the beach tomorrow and head back to Paris just as warm temperatures are returning. I’m not sure for how long. We don’t really have a specific date for coming back, maybe April or even May. I could put up some more beach photos but, since I have had this posting from Paris sitting for quite a while, I decided to put it up. I’m looking forward to wandering around Paris again. (I just noticed that I put up one photo twice. I don’t have access to my Paris photos here so maybe I can replace it this weekend.)

I always walk down the Cour du Commerce Saint André when I am on the Left Bank. It’s got interesting shops and restaurants and is full of history and times past.

That cobbled street will twist your ankle if you aren’t careful.

A sign hanging outside a restaurant. I love scallops.

A waiter writing up the menu on a board outside.

Un Dimanche à Paris is there in the cour selling chocolate and chocolate products. There’s a restaurant too which is said to have good brunches on Sunday.

They have their own products there.

As well as yummy desserts for sale like this little trio.

And, if you are lucky, you can watch them create desserts behind a window in their petite kitchen.

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