From what I hear, Paris has had one day after another of gray skies and rain but, the day after I arrived, the sun came out and the sky was blue. Was it me? I left our apartment just meaning to go to the grocery store but when I saw the sky I went out on a little outting. I really wished I had taken my sun glasses.

Look at those blue skies behind the columns at Nation!

I had read, when I was gone, that the feet of this statue were covered by high waters of the Seine so I went to check it out but, as you can see, the water is down although the feet of the statue look damp to me.

I was at Pont Alma looking at the statue above and saw what has become a memorial for Princess Diana. There are always flowers left in remembrance of her here.

Some sort of model with a rather strange outfit on being photographed on the Champs Elysees. Always something going on in Paris.

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