I’m not a huge fan of Chagall but I do find his art fascinating despite the rather primitive look. I was recently at the Luxembourg Museum where they had a showing of some of his work. Did you know that he once lived in New York State and Paris? I didn’t. I was in a small church in the middle of England and found six stained glass windows done by Chagall. I’ve seen his work in several churches. And then there is the ceiling in the Garnier Opera House. I keep running into his work and have come to love his vibrant colors.

The sign out front of the Museum Luxembourg. This isn’t my favorite museum as it is very small and can be very crowded and hot although they actually had cold air coming through the vents.

I was surprised by this painting of a Rabbi in black and white. Chagall, by the way, was Jewish and from Russia.

I’m surprised to find Christ in his paintings but I think it’s supposed to represent hope for humanity.

Look at this vibrant color.

And there is the Eiffel Tower.

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