850 Years

850 years ago the construction of Notre Dame was begun. In my eyes, Notre Dame isn’t 850 years old as they are saying because it took almost 200 years to finish building this great cathedral but, then, nobody asked me. They have constructed an elevated section in front of the cathedral so you get a bit of a different look at the front and they have six brand new bells for the north tower. The original bells were melted down during the Revolution and the replacements didn’t ring true so new ones were just finished using ancient methods. I was hoping to find the bells were still on display there but there were hung at the end of February. They rang the new ones for the first time on March 23 and I was there to hear it. I guess I will have to climb the tower to get a look at them.

A photo of a photo of two of the bells there in the nave.

This very modern font holding holy water to bless yourself with should you be Catholic is now at the front. It’s brand new.

The statue of Saint Denis holding his head on the front of Notre Dame to the left of the exit door.

They’ve added new lighting too which I think looks really nice. They are also restoring the organ.

A long video I took when they rang the bells. The bishop of Notre Dame gave a short talk, there was a little music before, and two large screens showing how many thousands of people were there.

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