Venice 3

I only carried my heavy camera around one day but I have to admit, I do like the photos from it better. It just gets really heavy along with my purse so I mostly used my point and shoot. The day we went through the Doge Palace I had it though.

There is a huge courtyard when you first enter the palace. I have to say that I found it even more impressive than Versailles. It’s hard to beat Italian architecture and design.

The very long and grand golden staircase that couldn’t be caught in just one photo.

The Bridge of Sighs joins the palace with the dungeon. A lot of horrible torture and captivity went on then.

The pretty cathedral across the water from St Marc’s Square.

Away from St Marc’s on the canal are a couple of beautifully mosaic tiled buildings. This is a close-up of one.

I just like this photo of a quiet canal with the buildings reflecting in the water and the two blue and white poles.

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