Hotel Dieu Hospital

Next to Notre Dame is a very ancient hospital called Hotel Dieu (built in 651!). They have a very nice garden there and, in fact, you can even rent rooms there if they aren’t already given to the families of patients. Maurice was even taken here years ago after being hit by a car in a cross walk-he wasn’t hurt if you can believe that. Come to think of it, he often will walk into the crosswalk in front of an approaching car without stopping saying, “They have to stop for you.” “Yes, I reply, but that doesn’t mean they will!”

The exterior. You can walk right in and enter the garden and no one will yell at you asking what you are doing there.

Some fancy boxwood plantings. A lady once told me that she hated the way they smelled, like cat pee to her. I had never consciously registered the odor but now I always notice and I think she may be right.

The rest of the garden stretching out occupying the center of a courtyard with a walkway all around.

This statue of a doctor is painted every year in a different style by medical students.

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