Easter Past

I’ve been so busy traveling that I haven’t posted something in real time for quite a while. In fact, this blog posting won’t be in real time as I will put it up in a couple of days. First I was in Switzerland for Easter with my son and his family and then on to the States to visit family in TX and AZ. I am back for one day before leaving for Northern Ireland where I will meet friends. I would have had two days for recovery but our plane from Chicago heading for Paris had technical difficulties after an hour in flight. It turned out that the toilets couldn’t flush-sort of important for a flight over 7 hours longs. I had fallen asleep when we started our descent and had missed the announcement that we had to turn around so when the lights came up I was really surprised that I had slept the whole flight as that never happens and I opened the window shade and looked out it wasn’t morning and the landing field looked strangely familiar. Then the overhead announcement said, “Welcome back to Chicago”. I sort of felt like I was in my own personal Groundhog Day. We were given vouchers for a hotel but the van driver wouldn’t let the eight of us on the van telling us that the hotel was full so we had to trudge back to the terminal and finally got another hotel and waited over thirty minutes for the van. I wasn’t in bed until 3 AM. Finally, at five the next evening, we took off with working toilets and touched down at last in Paris. I’ve never had that happen before although some of my fellow travelers did. We all sort of became friends going through this experience. So, anyway, here are some photos taken in Switzerland.

First, this slightly blurry photo of Lake Lugano taken as the sun was almost gone. I took it from a chinese restaurant on the side of the lake I hadn’t visited before. I had to wonder how in the world a Chinese place came to be here in Switzerland. I’m sure there’s an interesting story there.

My son and his family were invited to a friend’s for Easter lunch and I came along. It was in a three story building and each floor had been converted into an apartment. I especially loved the blue stove once used to heat the room. Wood was put into a fireplace in the back. The family didn’t use it though because they would have been responsible for its upkeep if they did. They said the apartment above them had three of these.

A look at the other side of the living room.

A view out a window showing the incredibly beautiful day outside.

I thought this was lovely. I would never have thought of doing this. She cooked them up later for lunch.

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