This and That

My grandsons in Switzerland may not believe in the Easter Bunny, but that doesn’t stop them from eating Easter Candy.

The youngest eating a white chocolate bunny.

I think this one likes candy. He wore those sunglasses all day for some reason.

I went to Dallas for three days to see my other son, my daughter and their children. I was in the car a lot, as is often the case in Dallas, and took this photo from the front seat while my son was driving. It makes me happy to live in a city where I can take the metro or bus and very seldom use a car

I then headed to Arizona to stay with my Mother who is doing incredibly well considering my Dad died in November. I think the final year of her life was harder on her than I realized. We didn’t do much but one day we did drive up north from Phoenix to Prescott where we used to live and where I went to high school. This photo is of Thumb Butte and I wish I had gotten a different angle of it. I once even climbed to the top on a path behind it. Lots of memories in Prescott. We passed a house that was once ours and, on impulse, stopped the car, rang the doorbell and told the lady who answered that we used to live there. She very nicely invited us in and showed us around. We both remembered it as much larger, as memory will often do to you. The lady bought the house from my parents in the early 70’s and there she still was. I didn’t really want to stop but I’m glad we did. Mom really enjoyed it.

This is the only photo I took of any cactus in Arizona. There were some varieties beautifully blooming but I never got to get close enough for a photo except for this one in my mother’s neighborhood.

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