Titanic Museum

I recently joined some friends in Northern Ireland and it turned out to be a really great country. I especially loved the people there. On our first day, we made a trip into Belfast to see the Titanic Museum. One of the ladies with us had relatives who had been on the Titanic. They had been in Paris and due to a sequence of events, ended up on that fated journey, so it was especially meaningful to her.

It’s brand new and really well done. This is the entry lobby from up above.

I didn’t know that Belfast had been the major manufacturer of linen at one time. There were some sad photos of children who did slave labor in the business.

A view of the Belfast harbor from the museum. There were photos showing the building of the Titanic, along with other ships, the largest in the world. The Titanic, of course, was supposed to be unsinkable but, at the crucial time after hitting the iceberg, they were unable to close the flood doors.

The magnificent exterior, representing four ships built here.

These were actually the height of the ships.

Here are a couple of combined videos showing Belfast with silhouettes in ancient clothing passing in front of scenes from Belfast, a couple of men talking about the building of the Titanic, how the engine room on the ship looked, and then a look at how the Titanic sank.

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