This and That in Northern Ireland

There are many glens in the area of Northern Ireland where we stayed. We didn’t really explore the glens, home of the “Little People” as it required a lot of hiking and it was usually wet and windy, but we did see the villages nearby. We especially liked Glenarm. There was a castle there too.

A door knocker that I liked in the tiny village of Glenarm.

Somebody had put a bouquet of daffodils in a door handle. I wondered if it was a nice surprise from a boyfriend. This being Spring, one of the pleasant surprises here were the daffodils blooming in villages and wild in the countryside.

We went to the tearoom at the castle in Glenarm and I ordered the tea which was enough for two people. I ate the sandwiches but had trouble finishing the rest, except I had to eat the scones. My friend said they were the best scones she ever had.

My tea pot and tea cup there. So sweet.

There were also Spring lambs in just about every field. This group happened to be on the road. I’d have hugged a lamb if they would have let me get near.

Later that day we found an old abandoned church with a fascinating graveyard. Daffodils were blooming there too.

A great celtic cross.

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