Crossing a Bridge and The Giant’s Causeway

On the way to the Giant’s Causeway, a popular place on the shore in Northern Ireland we stopped at Carrick-a-Rede, which was a bridge once used by salmon fishermen to reach a spawning ground-the salmon are now sadly gone. It started pouring and the wind was blowing but I trudged up a hill over a kilometer each way and crossed it just to say I did.

A look at the bridge from up above.

Another view-you can see people crossing it.

The Giant’s Causeway is a fascinating place on the sea where volcanic lava did interesting things to the existing rocks leaving behind these stones and columns looking like tile. Or, you can go with the story that a giant with the great name of Finn Mc’Cool did it.

Another view.

A column of the rocks. I read that there are similar stone formations in Scotland.

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