The Bridge and The Butterflies

There is a very good TV show here in France called Les Racines et Les Ailes about various areas in France. It gives as in depth look at either a monument such as, Notre Dame, a city such as, Paris, or an area which just happened to be about Poitou Charente this week where we have our new place so I was excited to see this to learn more about this part of France. One of the things I saw was the last remaining transporting bridge in France which was only about 25 minutes away. It was built by a Frenchman in the early 1900’s and, instead of having a bridge which spanned high above a river so boats could pass, it moved the bridge from one side of the river to the other. I wish I had a better lens to show how this works, but here is the video I took showing it:

The beach where our place is has a view of the ocean and there is constant activity, either on sunny days with people playing on the sand and sail boat lessons going on or very windy days when the kite surfers arrive so they can speed along on the water. There are surf boarders too.

Here are some kite surfers arriving, carrying their kites behind them looking like a group of butterflies.

Another view. See how far away they are? The tide here goes way out a really long distance which is good for growing oysters but, if you don’t arrive when the tide is high, a long walk is required to get to the water. I’ve noticed that when there is a sailing lesson going on, the boats always arrive back at shore exactly as the tide is going to turn so they are on the beach to be picked up, not out where they can’t be reached until the tide comes in again. Places without such high and low tides must have a must easier time of it. Learning about life here.

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