The other day we had lunch with Maurice’s sister and her sister in law. Afterwards, Sylvette, took us on a little tour-it’s not far from where we live-and, as always, we saw a new and interesting area. We went to an old fortified town, totally surrounded by walls, called Bourage. It’s a delightful place and it was fun to stroll around.

There were cute shops to visit and this one had these very old mannequins out front wearing some vintage clothing.

Loved this door with the vine growing around it.

The little church there has a connection to Quebec as you can see by this window. The reason is because Samuel de Champlain was born here in Bourage. He discovered Canada for the King of France and opened up fur trade. Who knew?

A friendly cat outside the church desperate for attention.

Poppies are starting to bloom.
I realize as I posted these photos, that I don’t really show much of the village of Bourage. There were ramparts to explore, and a large stable area which had been converted into shops, and I have photos of those. I may get them up in a blog post at some point. So much fun to explore this new to us area.

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