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The weather has been bad here the last few days with more rain on the way so, even if I wanted to go outside, there wouldn’t be many opportunities for photos so I’m posting a bit more on the very interesting walled city of Brouage. It was a really important place at one time, not only for military reasons but it was also the top exporter of salt. The areas eventually became unusable and that trade died out.

I saw a bust of Richlieu and wondered why until I read a girl that King Louis XIV loved was sent here to Bourage to separate the two lovers so a marriage could be arranged for political reasons. Life can be an opera for some people, especially if you are a king.

I’m a sucker for painted doors with flowers over or around them.

The huge stable area which had been converted into shops.

A giant wisteria vine. I’m a sucker for that too.

2copy7 One of the turrets on the wall which surrounds Bourage. I always wonder about the soldiers who had to stand in these day and night looking for possible enemy approaching. Not how I would want to pass my time in a job.

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  1. Your comments are back! I’m so excited. I’ve never heard of Brouage but it looks fascinating. I love wisteria too and am hoping to some day have it grow in front of my house. Thanks for playing along today with my Dreaming of France meme.

  2. Wow! I’m so glad to see that your comments section is back. I’m really enjoying seeing all of these “new” parts of France with you. I also adore Wisteria and saw it in profusion in Italy this spring…I only wish its season were a little longer.

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