If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have seen these photos but I’m going to use them for this post anyway. While we have Sunshine today, we also have a very strong wind so, except for a trip to the grocery store, I’ve stayed inside.

After days of rain I was so happy to get up one morning and see this. Blue sky, rising sun reflected in the clouds-perfect.

I was so happy to see sunshine on the flowers for sale at our little market. Just brightened my day.

We had Maurice’s sister and her sister in law over for lunch one day but it was too cold to eat on our terrace so we brought our new table inside. You know what was a hit? My American mashed potatoes. My secret? Evaporated milk and Lawry’s Garlic Salt.

I was brought these lovely pink roses fresh out of the garden. I enjoyed them for days and they were sometimes the only color I saw unless you count shades of gray(50 shades of gray?) and flat beige beach colors. This coming week is said to be a bit better but on the cool side. All I know is that I love it when the sun comes out.

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  1. The American bride slays them with mashed potatoes. How lovely!!!! They say spring will be on the way..or perhaps, it will be summer soon. Hang in there. Love your photos, always.

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