A Beautiful Day

Although it’s not going to last, we had a fabulous day to go exploring with our visiting friends. We started off by going to Ile d’Aix, a small island that we can see on the horizon from our terrace. No cars are allowed so it’s a little paradise in my eyes.

A view of Fort Boyard on the way by ferry. It’s the home of a popular TV series, sort of like Survivor and, in a year or two, you will be able to tour it. Right now you can only go by on a boat.

We were about two weeks early for the hollyhocks all over the island but the poppies were out. How many photos do I need of poppies? I took many.

Two light houses for some reason. We think the one in front was a way to navigate using the light on the one behind. It had a red plastic square so I guess the light is red at sea.

Massive area used for cultivating oysters, a huge industry in this part of France.

Can you tell we are by the ocean?

Bicycles for rent. As I said before, you can’t drive here so you either walk or rent a bike. Maybe one day Maurice and I will bring our bikes over and explore.

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