Ile de Re

Right after we left Ile d’Aix we headed right away to Ile de Re. Rain was on the way and we wanted our friends to see this island in the sun.

The cute little harbor at St Martin.

Every church in this region seems to have a chapel devoted to the sea and those who say their boat was saved by a miracle. I took a photo of a stained glass window in one but only noticed the lightening strikes when I saw it on my computer.

A dramatic painting in the same chapel show a really bad storm at sea and, I assume, this ship made it safely to shore.

Over a thousand priests were sent to this village, basically to be imprisoned, when an anti-Catholic era took place.

We climbed the bell tower and passed two giant bells along the way.

And got this great view.

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  1. Your photo of the stained glass window is very impressive. I find it really, really difficult to take a picture of them – the beautiful colors are usually all washed out. I just got back from three weeks in the Narbonne area where I visited many old churches and cathedrals but gave up in frustration trying to get pictures of the beautiful windows.

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