A few things we saw with our friends before they left:

An old abbey in ruins, once a very powerful place.

There were little shops selling local products and my eye was caught by one selling a cherry cognac liquor. I was especially taken by the bottle so I bought one. It’s pretty sweet with a very strong cherry flavor which I happen to like and I can keep the bottle for other things when we finish the drink.

We went on a bike ride and came upon a wind surfing contest. There wasn’t much wind so I’m not sure if they had much fun but there were excited young people all over the place.

Taken from our terrace. It was just a beautiful day as you can see. I have to say that most of our weather in May was pretty awful but June has started off lovely. Now that things are brightening up out there would you believe we are leaving? Maurice found two tickets for the French Tennis Open at Roland Garros so I am writing this from Paris. We would head right back to our beach place but we have an exciting event coming up on the 16th so we are staying here. It’s kind of hard when we think of our new home. Then I am joining my daughter in law and five grandsons in Provence so I might as well stay in Paris as it is easier to get there from Paris than from La Rochelle. After that we are joining some of Maurice’s family for a week in Corsica so I don’t think we will be back to the beach until the middle of July. We have lots of company coming to our beach place in August. Lots to do and see in the next month.

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