While I Was In The Neighborhood

I had an appointment not far from the Champs Elysees and decided to take a walk around the area to see what was new.

They are having a “drive-in movie theatre” at the Grand Palais at nights which sounds like fun.

These orange decorations were on the outside of the Grand Palais. I assume they are removable and not painted on.

Across the street the Petit Palais was also decorated. The cars parked in front can be rented to watch the movie from. Who comes up with these ideas?

Heading up the Champs Elysees a bit I saw this giant sign of Tsonga playing at the French Open over, I think, the Adidas store. He’s the highest ranking Frenchmen playing right now. I just thought it was very eye-catching.

I especially liked this close up of his foot with the red clay pouffing up around his foot. At the French Open your socks are always orange at the end of play.

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