On My Way

I decided to go to what I thought was a nearby museum-from the Champs Elysees-and got a bit lost while getting there but, as usual, it was interesting along the way.

Look at this clock made in Paris seen in the window of a store selling antique clocks. Rather over the top with all of those dials and gold but so beautiful.

Beautiful books in an antique book shop. I liked the cover of this one by Jules Verne.

I saw two soldiers on guard on the sidewalk in front of an elaborate gate and wondered why they were there until I figured out that it was the back of the Palace for the President of France, Hollande. That’s when I realized that I had gone in the wrong direction. I had been walking an hour by now. The further out you get from the center of Paris, the longer distances are between, usually, tourist sites.

This painting was in the window of an art gallery and was done by a former grafitti artist. The painting was for sale for 800 Euros so I’m thinking she’s not doing grafitti out on the streets at night anymore.

A florist with a pretty display.

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  1. Good thing you got lost. That clock is over the top, but I love the colors of the gold with the blue. And I also prefer the blue of the book next to the Jules Verne book. Great shots.

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