Jacquemart Andre Museum

As I was in the neighborhood, or so I thought being lost for a while, I decided to drop in and visit the Jacquemart Andre Museum. It’s a small museum and not visited by huge crowds like the Louvre. It is housed in the former home of Jacquemart Andre and his wife, lovers of art, and was built to show off their massive collections and is now run by the Institute de France.

Here we are at last.

One of two grand staircases going to the second floor.

Heading towards the garden room.

This girl is seen on the front of the brochure sold by the museum. I forgot to see who she was. Looking at it now, I bet those were real flowers.

The view from the landing up above. There was paintings and sculptures everywhere including a show of a French artist named Boudin who I am not familiar with but I really liked his paintings. He was friends with Monet and encouraged him to paint full time but was not an impressionist. (You know, since I saw the Boudin exhibit, I have seen his name or paintings, about six times-whatever that means.)

They have a very nice tea room there selling salads and desserts.

4 thoughts on “Jacquemart Andre Museum

  1. Ha! We also got lost trying to find the museum – went the wrong way from the Parc Monceau. It was worth searching for though; such a lovely museum on a human scale…and the portrait you show above truly is exquisite in person. (I can’t remember who she was either but I do remember that she was 16 years old at the time of the painting.)

  2. One of my favorite museums in Paris. Actually, the correct names of the founders are Édouard André and Nélie Jacquemart.

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