Maurice and I were watching tennis on the television, as we often do, and it was a game on grass. Wimbledon isn’t too far away and we don’t have tickets this year but we saw an ad for lawn tennis in Eastbourne, a sort of runup for Wimbledon and wondered how hard it was to get tickets. It turned out to be easy so we bought tickets for two days, our tickets for the Eurostar and found a room at a place right across from the tennis ground and, before we knew it, we were in Eastbourne which is a really pretty city not far from Brighton right on the southeast coast of England.

A look at the main court. You could sit right beside the smaller outside courts and be right next to the players which is cool if you are a fan. There weren’t any big names here but lots of familiar faces.

There was green grass on much of the grounds and people everywhere were having picnics. We only had one hot day but it never rained. It got very cold a couple of times.

There is lots of interesting architecture in Eastbourne, mostly huge regency type houses made into hotels that run about four miles along the seaside and then there was this pub with a roof line like Brighton.

This is the lobby of the Grand Hotel, a five star, although I have read that it is a bit dated and needs refurbishment. The interior lobby was certainly outstanding.

Rather stuffy, I thought, in this day and age of casual.

I’m posting this because I found the sea gull’s belly green from the car’s reflection and thought it was funny.

From the pier one morning.

The light can be incredible by the sea.

A pavillion on the pier out in the water.

Had to show you this really beautiful sky.

4 thoughts to “Eastbourne”

  1. Well don’t you guys have the most fun! Love the green-bellied sea gull, and the exquisite light in the photo with the long swath of beach.

  2. Another place in the UK I have not been, I think you go to more places than I do ,, me prefering to go to Mainland Europe 😉 I would say just Europe but ,, as England is meant to be part of it (but who would of guessed) I have a blogger friend (yet to meet too) that lives near there, maybe one day!

  3. Oh my…that’s just a handful of miles from me…and my go-to fabric shop is behind the Grand hotel. We could have passed each other in the street. 🙂

    It’s lovely here and I know we’re blessed to live in such a great place…glad you had a good time. (The weather isn’t the best though, right now, and yes darn cold….I dressed in winter gear today. Bah.)

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