Cheese and Tea

Out with a friend in the 5th arrondissement exploring a bit.

We went into a lovely little cheese shop and I wanted to buy this heart shaped cheese but didn’t. I’ve bought many a bottle of wine based on just the shape of the bottle.

This cheese, actually from Belgium, even had little jars of something to put on the cheese as you eat it. I’ve put cherry jam on a piece of Pyranees cheese and it was really good-I like that sweet and salty combination. Maurice doesn’t though.

Something about this restaurant just made me want to go inside for lunch. It must be those white table clothes.

I liked this logo on the door of a shop.

The mosque is in the 5th so we stopped by for a glass of mint tea. The tea is served in glasses, not cups, with no handle so you need a napkin wrapped around the glass to drink the tea.

You feel like you are in Morocco having tea here in the great ambiance.

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