Meanwhile, Back in Paris

So after the great trip to Provence, we were back to Paris which has shed the cold, wet weather and is now into sunshine and warm temperatures-over 80 degrees each day which is really hot for here. Still, it’s easy to stay in the shade in a city and I went out with a friend to explore.

I wish I could have gotten my camera into position sooner for this lady. She was wearing a form fitting black dress along with these high heels.

Coffee shops are becoming huge here and many of them roast their own coffee.

Pretty flower on a cafe table.

They still sell foie gras in France and I’m guessing they always will.

This dressed up goose there made me smile.

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One thought to “Meanwhile, Back in Paris”

  1. Nice high heels. I’m so glad to hear that Paris is now catching up on coffee shops, but I hope they don’t replace the things I already love about Paris.

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