New To Me

I recently explored a new, to me, street. It’s in an old section of Paris and it used to be fairly seedy but is now lined with all sorts of interesting food shops and cafes.

The street as you can see here.

It has not one but two smaller arch de triumphs, both once gates into Paris.

From the other side.

I guess this could be true unless you were a vegetarian.

A shop selling little dishes of things to eat, hot and cold. Each one was about one or two bites so you could taste a lot of things but I think it might take quite a few to feel full. There were little desserts too.

Forget about macarons-eclairs are the next big thing, both as a dessert and as a main meal with various meats, shrimp, that sort of thing, inside.

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  1. Hi Linda , great when you do a “New to Me” in your home city .. then you can share it all with us too 🙂 Great that it has become a bit less seedy . Now is that where the Bascilica St Denis is? My friend Barbara suggested I went there this time, but I had no time too , maybe next trip 🙂

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