Finally, after all of our traveling, we are back to our new place on the beach. When we left it was still chilly and we only opened our sliding glass doors in the afternoon when it warmed up a bit. Now, France is having high temperatures well into the 80’s (doesn’t sound like much if you live in Arizona but very few places have air conditioning). We came into our apartment after being gone for over a month and it was just really hot and stuffy. We opened the doors to our terrace and our bedroom window and I turned on the fan I bought before we left. It hardly seemed to matter. I knew we wouldn’t have a/c when we built this place but I got talked out of ceiling fans and, after our first night here, I regret it. With our beautiful view of the sea, comes the evening sun as we face west and we put down our shutters but it really heats up our place.


We have a nice couple who also live in our building and they invited us for dinner the day we returned. We walked into their apartment at seven and I was blinded by the light pouring through their windows and had to run and get my sunglasses. I saw that the table for the meal was set up outside on their terrace in the full sun and my heart sank. I’m one of those unfortunate people who don’t do well in high temperatures and I don’t sit in the sun if I can help it as my Irish skin turn quickly red. The lady of the couple was very brown and I think it was just from sitting outside and eating. Her husband turns red like me. Maurice, with his gypsy heritage, is very tan. Anyway, we had champagne and very good hors d’ouvres out on the terrace. Luckily, I sat with most of my back to the sun but I could feel the back of my arms and my neck starting to burn. It was so hot. I was just drenched. Finally, around nine, a little breeze came up and the sun started setting and, by the end of our delicious meal (wonderful salad, fish with potatoes, apricot tarte)it finally started cooling down. We got back home after 11 PM and every single article of clothing had to go straight into the washer and there is no way I will be using the dryer.


I am debating about buying an air conditioner unit. In the morning, it is nice and fresh as soon as the doors and windows are open. Once the sun hits our terrace and then our living room, I may start doing an internet search for one. When we were in Corsica, Maurice’s family not only didn’t use the a/c unit in their bedroom, they slept with the windows closed. They also closed one sliding glass door each morning that I had opened to let in cooling breezes not liking it-many French that I know, don’t like breezes or fans. I happily turned our unit on each night and it made sleeping so much easier. I am pretty used to not living with air conditioning now but a fan is a must. We will see how I go here.


(Update: It cooled down. Yah!)

4 thoughts to “Hot”

  1. I’m with you, I am not a fan of heat, or of sitting in the sun. I was suffering with you reading about that dinner on the terrace! Sounds like a delisheous meal though.

  2. I can’t do high heat, either. Would it help in your apartment if you had curtains you could pull across the windows while the sun is on them? That way, you might be able to leave them open for the breezes but block out the sun.

  3. I am always going on about my Irish skin , when I should of had the Maltese skin of my father 🙂 but I am going brown this year 🙂 ,..

    I cannot believe that they had no windows open , I am with you ,, like to have a breeze going through the house,, shame that you got talked out of them but I certainly would look into an A/C unit , and I would use it !!

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