Beach Life

So, here we are, back at the beach. We often just sit and look at the view. There’s always something interesting to see. We will have guests for the next two weeks and I think we will be going out to explore several times so we will be seeing more than just the view from our apartment.

Down the beach, a short way from our place, are these little cabins for rent. I think they are for changing and storing beach things. I just like blue and white stripes.

Sea gull prints. I thought they were cute.

Geraniums in a window. Looked inviting and friendly.

Here and there, they lay out these carpets leading down to the ocean. Again, here are my blue and white stripes.

I love these little sail boats used for teaching children how to sail.

4 thoughts to “Beach Life”

  1. Oh I love those blue and white tents as well as the rug leading to the beach; that’s the world class French style that dazzles us. I discovered your site through Paulita’s Dreaming of France meme. My post is about an upcoming movie filmed in Paris.
    Merci for the fabulous photos – I think French courtyards are the stuff of magic.

  2. We have similar mats at our beach…the purpose is to preserve the sand. Ours are called MobiMats and they are $4000 each.

    I would kill for one of those little cabanas where I could store our “stuff” near the beach.


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