Talmont sur Gironde

Years ago when Maurice and I visited the Medoc area, famous for it’s Bordeaux wine, we stopped at the village of Talmont sur Gironde and I wanted to see it again before the Hollihocks in the region breathe their last. It turned out that the hollihocks had about one week of blooming left-they looked really old and tired-but we did enjoy walking around the tiny village. It has 80 inhabitants but is visited by 500,000 visitors a year. You can see why when you walk up the narrow little streets to the church at the end where the land ends not at the sea but at the Gironde river.

The entrance to the little church seen from the tiny cemetery there.

A short walk away for another view.

Down in the water below were these little fishing cabins. The big nets are lowered into the water to catch fish. One of these days I hope to talk my way onto one for photos.

Tired looking hollihocks in front of a shutter.

I liked the color of the shutter with the pale pink flower.

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