Making Mussels

Once again I recorded Mary, my dil, making a meal. It was mussels, or moules, this time. When Maurice and I make them we sauté some onions, then add wine, salt and pepper and boil it a few minutes in a large pot, add the mussels on top and cover the pot occasionally stirring the mussels until they are all open. It’s a very tasty dish that way. Mary did the dish, as you will see, with oil and then we put a flat pan in a grill and covered the lid so the oysters cooked over heat along with being smoked. We had a problem in that my grill didn’t get hot enough or close completely so we finally had to move the pan to a hot oven to finish cooking. So we were starving by the time the mussels finished cooking-it was almost 10:30!-but the mussels tasted amazing. I had to cut out a few scenes as the baby started screaming-such is life-but I think you can see how it is all done.

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