This and That

Here are some photos taken in the last week.

I saw these guys in La Rochelle. They are supposedly levitating through meditation and I know there is a trick but I never saw them set it up or take it down. Similar men are seen all over the world, sort of like those Peruvian pipe players I keep seeing.

Cute dog in a backpack. How do they get dogs, and sometimes cats, to do that? I’ve never been able to train dogs to do much of anything.

A bike trail I often take along the ocean that I like.

A pretty sky. I wish it would have lasted until sunset for some spectacular color but it didn’t.

I ate a bulot and I liked it. Yes, this sea snail, my first, was actually very tasty. It had a sort of smoky flavor and was, as you might think, a little rubbery. I wasn’t going to try it but decided to be brave. I won’t be ordering a plate of them any time soon, though.

Finally, a nice sunset reflecting in the low tide below. Looking for beauty all the time.

5 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. Guests tire me out too…you have my sympathy…’re spot on with your afternoon naps/retreat.

    Love the pic of the sunset on the water. Beautiful. (But oh my you can keep the snails.). 🙂

  2. When I lived in Florida, I would sometimes have weeks of guests. It was exhausting. I think I was a bad enough hostess that people stopped coming, plus I moved to Michigan! At least you’re getting some great pictures with all the tourist activities.

  3. I feel your pain. Same here, same complaints, and same crankiness. I am just too old and tired for all this. I especially understand the food planning “issues”. It is exhausting.


  4. We saw those “levitating” guys in Rome; they wore orange and moved to a different tourist site each day.

    Two weeks of houseguests is a bit much. You’re wise to grab a book and disappear. The 2 meals a day would do me in; can you suggest an every-man-for-himself day or two, or are all of your guests French and require a proper sit-down meal? My sympathies!

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