The Fete

There is a cute little village near us called les Boucholeurs which has a festival every summer. It’s a short walk from our place and we went there for lunch.

This must be the place.

There were many booths set up selling local products. Cognac is actually a village in this region where the famous liquor is made.

They were selling oysters and mussels all day long. They were really good. I’ve had more mussels and French fries in the last two weeks with company than I usually have all year. There were a lot of communal tables set up, most in the shade and we happily ate.

Later that evening, just as the sun was setting there was a free concert by a group called the Celkirts. They played music which was a mix of rock and celtic music and it was very enjoyable.

This is a look at the path that we took to get there and back. We had taken our bikes and the light was bad and, see those rocks? Thank God I didn’t fall there or I would have badly hurt myself. I did fall, however, where the drop wasn’t so steep and landed on the sand-went over a couple of big boulders. I’m still not sure how I did it-sort of wobbled and served and couldn’t control my direction. I tore my favorite pants, banged up my leg and squashed the basket on my bike. I guess I must have landed on it. Maurice was ahead of me and had no idea I was no longer behind him. A nice man and wife helped me up and got my bike back on the path. Luckily, my bike was ok and I was able to catch up with Maurice. After we got home, I discovered that my little camera had fallen out of my purse which had been in my basket and we had to trudge all of the way back to the crime scene but we found it. I guess I could post a photo of my leg but, yuk. Could have been much worse had I landed on those rocks and not the sand. Didn’t get to sleep until very late.

5 thoughts to “The Fete”

  1. I have been asleep at the wheel – I didn’t know the comments were working again!

    First, sorry about your accident. I am so relieved that you were not more seriously injured. Having your favorite pants damaged adds insult to injury, yes?

    As for mussels and fries? mmmm Yes please. The more the merrier!

  2. That’s a beautiful path, but it would be treacherous to fall there. I broke my collar bone when I steered into a ditch — my problem was that I was looking at where I didn’t want to go instead of looking at where I wanted to go. Most of us steer to where we’re looking!

  3. Glad you were not hurt worse than you were. Bet you are sore. I have a friend who had a terrible bike accident, needed to have a cadaver bone graft, will never be the same. So BE CAREFUL out there!


  4. Ditto JoAnn’s comment. Be very careful Linda. My friend went over the handlebars and had to be air-lifted to Stanford, where she was treated for brain injuries. She’s OK now but it was a very scary 2 years. So glad you didn’t have a more serious injury…well, maybe a little loss of dignity was involved but that’s quickly overcome when you’re ticked off about tearing your favorite pants. 🙂 How lucky to find the camera not full of sand and water.

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