Beach Shots

I’m calling this post Beach Shots instead of This and That but it’s the same thing. I haven’t gotten out much since my little wreck on my bike and I’m still recovering from our company but I can always round up a few photos. We are meeting Maurice’s sister today at a place we haven’t visited before so I’m sure I will have something new to show soon.

I’d love one of these some day. I’m always watching the weather on TV and checking the weekly weather forecast everyday on my computer so this is right up my alley.

Not the best photo every, but it did get me wondering why the owners of this house named it the Sea Urchin. Probably just because it’s near the ocean.

These were for sale at the fete on Sunday. I’ve seen them in Paris too. I was really curious about them as the tops are as they look-burned. I even bought one once just to see what they taste like. The yellow part is a vanilla cake and the black part tastes burned as you might expect. I’m wondering if it has something to do with long time storage or something. I’ve never found out. Maybe one day…

I may have posted this photo before. I just like how they arranged these fish. Rather artistic.

And, finally, a hollyhock that was blooming on the beach between a few rocks. It just took me by surprise to see it there.

5 thoughts to “Beach Shots”

  1. The blackened cake is a Poitou-Charentes delicacy (we’re not known much for food in this part of the country!) made with fromage frais. Opinion is divided over whether you eat the black bit or leave it. I always leave it. Apparently, it’s the black bits that make the cake so moist!

  2. That solitary hollyhock must truly have been a surprise. I still have some from the seeds I harvested at the foot of your driveway in Vitrolles.

    The cakes don’t look too appetizing but certainly are interesting.

  3. I love weather stations. My parents had given me a wall barometer when I was first married and I loved it. Now that I live by the seashore, its a real necessity.
    Fishermen here sell their fish right off the boats when they come in.

  4. Bike accident? Ouch, so sorry. Those are sometimes scary.
    That barometer is lovely — I keep one in the kitchen, find it very useful.

  5. The tourteau fromager is a traditional bread of the Poitou-Charentes region of France, a little further down the Loire Valley from Tours. It’s a sweet cheese bread made with flour and butter, soft white cheese (often chèvre; the capital of the region, Poitiers, is more or less ground central for goat cheese), and sugar. The upper crust of carbonized and caramelized sugar .

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