Saint Palais sur Mer

It’s really great getting to explore new places in our area. Saint Palais sur Mer is yet another village by the sea that I had never heard of before. We met Maurice’s sister there for lunch and it was fun to look around. The traffic in the area was very heavy and finding a parking place difficult as August 15th is a holiday not to mention that August is the main month for vacations in France.

The beach was lovely and there were really beautiful homes along each side.

As you can see, the beach was full of people. It almost made me wish I were in Paris where the streets are almost empty right now.

After a nice lunch Maurice’s sister, Sylvette, took us on a walk on a trail a bit above the village overlooking some of the rocky coastline.

I’m always happy when I can run across one of these carrelets. They are so picturesque.

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  1. What a pretty place! The trail looks so inviting. Are the little fishing huts for rent or are they only for the families who own them?

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