Land and Sea

I have been out here and there but haven’t been inspired to take many photos for some reason. I always get photos from my balcony and had a couple of surprises so I can’t complain.

I have taken photos of these wooden structures from the bike path before but decided to go down to the beach for a closer shot. I’m still not sure what they were for. I saw an old photo of men removing mussels from similar poles but I think these might be too close together so I’m thinking maybe, at one time, oysters in mesh bags were kept here. Now they have concrete pools not too far away to do that so they don’t have to deal with the tide.

I was on a small side street on my bike the other day and a flash of yellow caught my eye which turned out to be this solitary sunflower. I wonder if someone planted it or if it was just a happy accident?

Another fabulous sunset. I have to say that going out on our balcony every evening is the highlight of each day. I’m always excited to see what magic the sun is going to do as it sets.

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