Belle and Rebel

Belle and Rebl-that’s the motto for the city of La Rochelle. It has an interesting history including being a Protestant holdout against the French king and it certainly is beautiful. I enjoyed showing a friend around the other day.

Even the train station is beautiful and looks a bit like a chateau.

This naval hero was born in La Rochelle. I didn’t retain his name.

Some old walls extend at the end of the harbor.

There was an interesting sculpture in iron with the title of Ancestors. Can you see the little figures reading from the head of the one below them? I think it’s like learning from what went before from our ancestors. Some of the little figures fragmented into pieces. I’d like to read something about what the artist was trying to get across.

Here’s a close-up-maybe about keeping secrets?

We had mussels for lunch. I had this one which came with a curry sauce which I really love. I’m not a fan of hot curry but I love a mild flavored one.

This morning we took a walk on the beach at dawn. Such lovely light.

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  1. That’s an intriguing sculpture. Is is on a wall or standing alone as a wall? I like the different expressions that each figure has when reading from the head of his ancestor.

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