The 21st Arrondissement of Paris

While my friend was visiting us here at the beach we took a day to show her the beautiful island of Ile de Re. I was reading a bit about it and found that it is so visited by Parisians in the summer that its nickname is “The 21st Arrondissement of Paris”-Paris has 20 arrondissements. Get it? It’s packed with vacationers riding bikes either along side the roads or on the many bike paths provided, there are fabulous beaches, and some delightful villages.

Our first stop was at the village of la Flotte. Life going on in windows always catch my eye.

This one caught my eye too. I wonder if they get their mail there or if it is just for looks?

Because there are so many people riding bikes around the island, you see the bikes leaned against poles and buildings all over the place and you also see signs like these asking you not to do that.

I saw this huge round of butter in a window. It has fleur de sel (salt) in it which is one of the local products around here and there is nothing better than spreading it on a slice of bread and taking a bite and feeling that crunch of the salt crystals as you eat and it tastes fabulous too.

There was a fantastic medieval market in la Flotte full of local products. I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Potatoes grown on Ile de Re for sale. They are AOC protected, just like wine and bread in France. They are said to have a slight taste of hazelnuts but, to tell you the truth, they taste like ordinary potatoes to me but I should give them another try next chance I get.

Someone had “printed” I heart Re on each of these squash. Definitely grown locally.

3 thoughts to “The 21st Arrondissement of Paris”

  1. This looks like a terrific place to vacation. I’ve had those potatoes before when visiting our friends in Nantes. I guess they have them even in the spring, which I thought was weird.

  2. I love the tea towels in the window. So homey.
    I would love to try that butter, though salt and my blood pressure don’t agree!
    You seem to be happy living by the sea.

  3. How lucky for your friend to be your friend –

    Just beautiful and looks like it was great fun, too. I’m sure it was. 🙂

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