Island Paradise

We had such a good time visiting Ile de Re. There are ten villages there but we haven’t seen all of them. Maybe next time we can add more to what we’ve seen. In any case, here are more photos from our time there.

This antique drum was seen in the capital of Ile de Re, St Martin de Re. It is more elegant and sophisticated than the other villages with many restaurants and a five star hotel along with some very nice antique shops.

The lobby of the five star hotel. Doesn’t it look inviting? (Except they need to change the water in the glass vase of flowers.)

Ile de Re is famous for it’s dressed donkeys. It was started years ago to protect the donkeys from insect bites but is now a draw for tourists and photographers like me. Kids get to ride the donkeys too.

Notice the fluffy haired butt of the donkey on the left. This is a breed of donkey found only on the island. You can see them out in fields looking very shabby and in need of grooming unlike this one.

Close up of the face with his rasta thing going on.

In another village of Ars en Re are some interesting buildings left from the once prosperous salt business. The village is full of narrow winding streets.

The distinctive church steeple there painted black and white to be easily spotted by sailors at sea.

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