Just Another Day

I’ve got to tell you, we haven’t been doing much at all around here. We sit and look out at the beach mostly. Yesterday they started installing a huge tent with wooden floors below us on “our” part of the beach. Six men worked on it for two days, one with a tractor that started work at 7 AM. It turned out to be for a private function for the nearby Mercure Hotel that we’ve stayed at before. I think if we have to look at that tent, we should also be invited to the party where I’m sure there will be champagne, this being France. We will be looking at it for a week or so.
There are several things that still need to be done to our apartment (including some really major things in the parking area downstairs but that’s another story), one of which is having the ceiling section over our porch painted. Today a young woman showed up to do the job solo. She lugged everything upstairs including the sections of scaffolding that she was going to stand on. Maurice went downstairs to talk to the neighbors and I listened to her struggle putting the scaffolding together and I felt like she didn’t know how to do it. I sure didn’t so I went downstairs and got Maurice to come back and help her. After seeing how high it was without anything on it to keep her plunging to her death three stories below, he refused to let her get on it. So she is coming back tomorrow with something better.
I have managed to get out two days in a row and do what I call jogging. I have never passed anyone while jogging but am often passed. We are having a bit of a hot spell here in France so I try and get out there early. I’m one of those who wilts when it’s hot and I’m in the sun. I never could lie in the sun getting tan either. I never really tan to begin with, just turn red and I’ve got to have shade. Give me an umbrella, a hat and a good book and I am good to go.
Anyway, I’ve scraped the bottom of the bottom of the barrel and found some photos.

I found another solo hollyhock in the big rocks on the beach. I wanted a photo from the front but wasn’t willing to climb over boulders to do it.

I posted this photo of some morning glory flowers on Facebook and got so many comments on how it brought back childhood memories. I have some too. I remember seeing them growing up, a sort of humble, easy to grow vine, along with hollyhocks and sweet peas. It’s hard to beat that blue color.

3 thoughts to “Just Another Day”

  1. Such beautiful flowers, morning glories and hollyhocks. I love their old-fashioned look.
    And how gallant of Maurice to keep that young woman safe. 🙂 I hope the rest of your fix-ups are accomplished safely.

  2. Hello Linda. So glad to have found you again; somehow I lost track of you many months ago, probably when I changed my blog around on one of my many blog design kicks. Anyhoo, it’s lovely to visit you again. It appears you have a new apartment someplace by the beach. A sea view is a lovely thing I think. I’m glad Maurice did not let the young woman risk her life on the original scaffolding! And I know just what you mean about fading in the sunshine, being another such delicate flower myself. It’s difficult going out when the weather is hot and sunny because it’s important to be covered up in order not to be burnt to a crisp in no time at all!
    I look forward to visiting here frequently again as I’ve put you in my blog roll. Adieu for the moment!

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