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Bits and Bobs-I think that’s what they say in England. The young lady returned yesterday with better equipment and put the first coat of paint on the ceiling of our balcony without incident. She has to come back two more times before she is finished. She lugs all of the scaffolding pieces to our balcony and would be putting it all together by herself if Maurice didn’t go out and help her. I don’t know if she has partners or not. It means we have to be here all morning while she does her job. Not a big deal but I hate to be forced to stay home.

I took a photo of a poster of a magazine showing a man diving off one of the towers in La Rochelle, a Red Bull event. I can’t imagine diving off a high place like that. I was also intrigued by the huge amount of people watching below and was so glad I didn’t have to go into the city that day. Can you imagine?

I’m always surprised to see flowers blooming on the beach naturally. I’m not familiar at all with beach vegetation and flowers. Not a great photo but the color caught my eye. There was another variety blooming too, also in yellow.

Almost a week ago I took a photo of a man beginning a sand sculpture and was surprised to find it still standing. Years ago I bought a book on building sand castles and spent hours with my children building a castle that turned out really good. It was destroyed the minute we walked away by a little jerk on a bicycle so I’m surprised this one was untouched for so long. The light was horrible and half of it is in shadow but you can see what was done.

Close up of the lady in the sculpture.

Here is a photo of the huge tent set up below our place. Everybody is up in arms that it is for a private affair for a nearby hotel and is set up on a public beach. Part of the beach access have been blocked. It will only be here for a week so I can’t get too upset. They are going to have fireworks over the water tomorrow night too so that helps. It’s raining this morning and isn’t even going to get into the 70’s tomorrow so it will be a bit chilly to stand outside to watch fireworks. Luckily, we can sit on our couch, close the sliding glass door and watch from the warmth of our apartment.

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  1. It IS kind of surprising that the tent was allowed on a public beach. That would never happen here at our beach. Is the “season” over? That would never happen here at our beach.

    It is 64 here today. I went to the beach but, even bundled up, was too cold to stay.


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